Case Study 2

PivIT Strategy Strengthens IT Infrastructure and Drives Growth for Heavy Industrial Construction and Pipe Fabrication Company

PivIT Strategy Strengthens IT Infrastructure and Drives Growth for Heavy Industrial Construction and Pipe Fabrication Company


A thriving construction and pipe fabrication company experienced rapid organic growth and successfully completed an acquisition. This expansion strained their internal IT resources, making it difficult to maintain their existing technology infrastructure and support their growing workforce.


PivIT Strategy partnered with the Client to develop a comprehensive IT solution that addressed their evolving needs. Our approach included:

  • Managed Service Desk and Workstation Management Services: PivIT established a dedicated service desk to provide prompt and efficient IT support to all employees. Additionally, we implemented proactive workstation management practices to optimize performance, security, and streamline daily operations.
  • Microsoft Office 365 License Administration and Support: PivIT streamlined the management of the Client's Office 365 licenses, ensuring optimal user access and providing ongoing support to maximize the platform's capabilities.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Services: To safeguard against evolving cyber threats, PivIT implemented a robust security solution. This included deploying SentinelOne Active EDR for advanced endpoint detection and response, and Proofpoint Email Security to fortify email protection.
  • Server Management Services: PivIT's expert technicians assumed responsibility for managing the Client's servers, ensuring optimal performance, uptime, and system health.

Beyond Core Services:

Recognizing the Client's desire to expand their market reach, PivIT Strategy leveraged its expertise and offered a unique solution:

  • Digital Marketing Services: PivIT provided a comprehensive digital marketing package encompassing:
    • Social Media Marketing Services: PivIT developed and executed targeted social media campaigns to enhance brand awareness and customer engagement.
    • Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO): Our SEO experts optimized the Client's website structure and content to improve organic search ranking and attract qualified leads.
    • Newsletter Services: PivIT designed and implemented an email newsletter strategy to nurture leads and strengthen customer relationships.


PivIT Strategy's multifaceted approach has empowered the Client to achieve significant improvements:

  • Enhanced IT Efficiency: Managed IT services free up valuable internal IT resources, allowing the Client to focus on core business activities.
  • Advanced Security Posture: Robust cybersecurity measures protect the Client's critical infrastructure and data from cyberattacks.
  • Increased Productivity: Reliable technology infrastructure and responsive IT support contribute to improved employee productivity.
  • Expanded Market Reach: PivIT's digital marketing services elevate the Client's online presence, attract new customers, and drive business growth.

By exceeding expectations and delivering a holistic technology solution, PivIT Strategy has become a trusted partner, positioned to support the Client's continued success.