Case Study 3

PivIT Strategy Orchestrates IT Separation and Empowers Growth for Mechanical Contractor Services Company

Case Study: PivIT Strategy Assists Mechanical Contractor Services Company


A mechanical contractor services company (the Client) was undergoing a significant divestiture from a parent company. They needed to establish a separate IT infrastructure for their newly formed entity. Additionally, the Client required support for a divestiture within their organization and the closure of a Florida plant.


PivIT Strategy served as a trusted partner throughout the Client's divestiture process. We provided a comprehensive solution that encompassed:

  • IT Divestiture Project Leadership: PivIT played a key role in leading and managing the IT separation project. This included:
    • Project Team Formation: We assisted in defining the necessary project team and identifying personnel with the required skillsets and resources to ensure a smooth separation.
    • IT Portfolio Review: We conducted a thorough review of the Client's IT portfolio to determine and document shared applications, infrastructure, and contracts/licenses that needed to be separated.
    • Separation Activities Execution: PivIT oversaw the execution of all separation activities, ensuring a seamless transition for the Client's IT environment.
  • Ongoing IT Support: To manage the Client's ongoing IT operations, we provided:
    • Managed Service Desk and Workstation Management Services: Our dedicated service desk provides prompt and efficient IT support to all Client employees. Additionally, we proactively manage workstations for optimal performance, security, and efficiency.
    • Microsoft Office 365 License Administration and Support: PivIT streamlines the administration of Office 365 licenses and offers ongoing support to maximize user productivity.
    • Advanced Cybersecurity Services: To safeguard the Client's data and systems, PivIT implemented leading-edge security solutions, including SentinelOne Active EDR for advanced endpoint detection and response, and Proofpoint Email Security for enhanced email protection.
    • Server Management Services: PivIT's expert technicians manage the Client's servers, ensuring optimal performance, uptime, and system health.
    • Cloud Management Services (Azure): We leverage Microsoft Azure cloud services to provide the Client with scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency.

Beyond Standard Services:

PivIT Strategy demonstrated its commitment to the Client's success by taking on additional challenges:

  • Internal Divestiture and Plant Closure Support: We successfully led and managed the IT aspects of a divestiture within the Client's organization and the closure of their Florida plant. This included the decommissioning of servers, networks, firewalls, and workstations, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing downtime.


PivIT Strategy's expertise and comprehensive approach have empowered the Client to achieve several key objectives:

  • Successful IT Separation: PivIT's leadership facilitated a seamless IT separation, creating a stable and independent IT foundation for the newly formed entity.
  • Enhanced IT Security: The implementation of advanced cybersecurity measures protects the Client from evolving cyber threats.
  • Optimized IT Operations: Managed IT services optimize the Client's IT infrastructure, allowing their internal team to focus on core business activities.
  • Streamlined Cloud Adoption: Cloud management services through Azure provide the Client with scalability, agility, and cost-effectiveness to support future growth.

By exceeding expectations and acting as a trusted advisor throughout their divestiture and growth journey, PivIT Strategy has established a strong and successful partnership with the Client.