A Pi Day Security Reminder: Make Complex Passwords

A Pi Day Security Reminder: Make Complex Passwords

While mathematicians celebrate the endless wonder of Pi (3.14159…), it serves as a timely reminder for all of us to prioritize robust online security practices. Breaches and unauthorized access pose significant threats to businesses, and safeguarding sensitive information requires a multi-layered approach.


The Power of Strong Passwords:

One of the most fundamental security measures lies in password complexity.  Simple passwords, akin to rudimentary locks, offer minimal protection and can be cracked in mere seconds through brute-force attacks. Here’s how to elevate your password strength:


  • Length is Paramount: Move beyond the minimum character requirements. Passwords should ideally be at least 16 characters long, with greater length offering exponential security gains.
  • Embrace Entropy: Incorporate a diverse range of characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. This creates a more unpredictable combination that is significantly more resistant to decryption attempts.
  • Uniqueness is Essential: Resist the temptation to reuse passwords across various accounts. A compromised password on a single platform can become a gateway to your entire digital ecosystem. Treat each account with a unique and robust password.


Illustrating the Impact:

To demonstrate the stark difference in password strength, we tested various “Pi-inspired” passwords using a reputable password strength checker tool. The results are quite revealing. Note: Do not use these passwords.


  • 3.14: Vulnerable within 17 microseconds (a cybersecurity nightmare)
  • 3.14159: Compromised in 400 milliseconds (barely an improvement)
  • 3.14159265: Offers resistance for approximately 2 hours (better, but not ideal)
  • 3.14159265358: May withstand attacks for 8 years (still a potential risk)
  • Complex Password (e.g., yY7&i:^eO3U)ed,Oh&xP^bGk4): Nearly impregnable – estimated cracking time of 28 nonillion years.


Beyond the Password Wall:

A strong password is a critical first line of defense, but a comprehensive security strategy encompasses additional measures. At PivIT Strategy, we offer a holistic approach to cybersecurity, helping businesses implement robust safeguards against evolving threats.



Let Pi Day serve as a reminder to prioritize online security. By adopting these best practices for password creation, you can significantly fortify your digital defenses and safeguard valuable information. Contact us at PivIT Strategy today to learn more about our comprehensive security solutions.

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